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All (36)Career and job readiness (1)Environment end ecology (15)Digital competence (10)Mother tongue (3)Sports and active lifestyle (1)Science and technology (1)Crafts and making (1)Science (2)Personal development (2)
Environment end ecologysdfdg 2020-02-16 org
1 Playlistas 2020-02-16 org
2020-01-12 pirmas grojarastis 2020-01-12 organizatorius
#monitor well operations #design application interfaces
Environment end ecology2020-01-12 antra veikla 2020-01-12 organizatorius
#monitor well operations #design application interfaces

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#electrical system of vessels#build drum components#analyse cultural trend#identify digital competence gaps#think analytically#abscission#monitoring well operations#problem-solving with ICT hardware and tools#transversal competences/skills#attitude and values

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